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Rustic Fern Vase

Rustic Fern Vase

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From the 14th century to the present day, Chinese blue and white porcelains have captured the imaginations of collectors everywhere. Finely executed painted decoration characterizes this distinct ceramic ware.

This piece is a porcelain vase with floral motif from the antiques markets of Jingdezhen, China, a town long distinguished by imperial patronage. 

Dimensions: 14" l x 14" w x 19.5" h

About The Brand: Inspired by the history, artistry, and creativity of traditional blue and white porcelain, each item conveys a story rich in symbolism, ceremony, and cultural exchange. The porcelains sourced by this brand are made in the ancient city famous for blue and white and the imperial kilns - Jingdezhen, China. They choose pieces to represent the best design, regardless of age.

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